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Warranty Information


100% Parts and Labor Coverage

Includes Accidental Damage


Warranty FAQ:

Is a CPS Warranty just an extension of the existing manufacturer’s warranty?

No: It is an upgrade to your existing manufacturer’s warranty. A CPS Warranty offers benefits that are not offered by manufacturers such as accidental damage.

What is the difference between a Replacement Plan and a Repair Plan?

A Replacement Plan is available for products under $500. If the product fails, you will be reimbursed for what you paid for the product minus shipping and tax.

A Repair Plan is for products over $500 and offers repair coverage for your product any time during the life of your warranty. If we can’t fix it, we’ll replace it!

How am I covered?

For the Replacement Plan, your coverage provides for a one-time replacement of the covered product. For the Repair Plan, you are covered for a period of up to five years (depending on which plan you purchase). Benefits include parts and labor for required repairs on your product.

When does the coverage start?

Coverage starts on the date of purchase and goes into effect on day 31.

Can I transfer the Protection Plan to a new owner?

Yes! CPS Warranties are transferable between owners.

What is not covered?

Unfortunately, the CPS Warranty does not cover lost or stolen products, gross misuse & consumables such as tires, batteries, etc.

Is there a service fee for the Replacement and Repair plans?

There is a $125.00 service fee for electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters at time of claim.

What happens if my product breaks?

You can contact CPS directly to file a claim in three ways:

If you have any other questions before buying a warranty, feel free to call CPS at 800-905-0443


Need help filing a CPS claim? Please get in touch with CPS here for support -

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