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Handicare Mobility products,is home care with innovation, dignity, and comfort. Each product in the  range is a testament to Handicare's commitment to enhancing the quality of life for those requiring mobility assistance at home.

We offer a carefully curated selection of Handicare's finest slings and lifts, designed not just for functionality but with a deep understanding of the user's need for independence and respect. These solutions are tailored to seamlessly integrate into home settings, ensuring that each user can move and live with ease and confidence.

Handicare's slings are crafted for comfort and safety, catering to a variety of needs and body types. They are designed to assist in daily activities, providing support that is both reliable and unobtrusive. The lifts, a hallmark of Handicare’s ingenuity, combine ease of use with cutting-edge technology, ensuring secure and smooth mobility within the home.

At Mobility Plus Direct we are not just dealers; we are facilitators of a more accessible, comfortable, and dignified lifestyle for those we serve. Our collaboration with Handicare Mobility aligns with our mission to deliver top-notch home care solutions that empower users and caregivers alike.

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