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Scoota Trailer

ScootaTrailer - Comfort, and Convenience!

Experience unparalleled mobility freedom with the Scoota Trailer. No matter your vehicle size – sub-compact, compact, or SUV – towing is a breeze. Safely transport your electric wheelchair or scooter up to 600 lbs. at any highway speed, without worrying about overloading your vehicle or hitch. From Honda Fit to trucks and SUVs, all makes and models are compatible. Explore the world with ease.

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    Save $2,814.00 Save $0.00

    Scoota Trailer Mobility Scooter Carrier

    Scoota Trailer
    Original price $7,999.00
    Original price $7,999.00 - Original price $7,999.00
    Original price $7,999.00
    Current price $5,185.00
    $5,185.00 - $5,185.00
    Current price $5,185.00
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    ScootaTrailer: Effortless Mobility Scooter & Wheelchair Transport Transporting mobility scooters and wheelchairs can be a hassle, often requiri...

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