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Vipamat Hippocampe All Terrain Wheelchair

Vipamat Hippocampe

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Vipamat Hippocampe Wheelchairs

Welcome to Our Authorized Vipamat Hippocampe All Terrain Wheelchairs

We proudly offer the Vipamat Hippocampe range, meticulously designed for recreational, beach, all-terrain, and pool use. Our diverse selection of chairs and strollers is engineered to enhance mobility across various landscapes and activities.

Explore with the Hippocampe Beach and All-Terrain Wheelchair

This innovative wheelchair is your gateway to engaging in diverse physical activities such as hiking, snow adventures, mountain climbing, and beach sports including surfing.

Versatile Beach Wheelchair

The Hippocampe beach wheelchair, perfect for sandy terrains, enables access to aquatic sports like handisurf, kayaking, and water skiing, catering specifically to the needs of disabled individuals.

Dedicated Swimming Pool Wheelchair

Specifically designed for swimming pool environments, our pool wheelchair enhances accessibility and mobility in water-based settings, making swimming and pool activities more accessible and enjoyable.

Award-Winning Design

The Hippocampe wheelchair boasts a youthful, modern design that has earned numerous accolades. Available in four sizes—Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large—it is produced in France, adhering to the highest quality standards, ISO 13485 certified, and FDA cleared.

Family-Friendly Mobility

The Hippocampe Beach and Pool Wheelchairs support families with disabled members, enhancing access to a wider range of leisure activities. With a capacity of up to 130kg, they are suitable for both children and adults.

Flexible Mobility Solutions for Active Users

Whether towed, pushed, or self-propelled, the Vipamat wheelchairs empower users with independence. An additional push bar or traction kit is available to aid those with greater mobility challenges.

All-Terrain Versatility

Navigate effortlessly over sand, gravel, grass, and paths with our robust off-road wheelchair, designed to tackle any terrain.

Customizable Wheelchair Options

Tailor the wheelchair to meet individual needs with options like headrests, armrests, backrests, and balloon wheels. It’s versatile across beach, trail, and snowy environments and can be converted into a ski chair with optional ski kits. The design also ensures it is easy to transport and store, making it an ideal choice for active lifestyles.

Vipamat Rated 5.0 out of 5

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction reflects in our products' top ratings.

To configure your Hippocampe or for more information, simply speak to one of our consultants on 307 243 4414.

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Hippocampe Beach and All-Terrain Wheelchair FAQs

Q: What types of wheelchairs does Vipamat offer?
A: Vipamat specializes in beach and outdoor wheelchairs, specifically the Hippocampe Beach and All-Terrain models. These wheelchairs enable access to various outdoor activities, including beaches, swimming, and hiking, even on snowy trails.
Q: What distinguishes the Hippocampe outdoor wheelchair in the market?
A: The Hippocampe outdoor wheelchair has received numerous awards and certifications, solidifying its status as a leader in the market. It is available internationally, including in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia, among others.
Q: How does Vipamat support accessibility and inclusion through their products?
A: Vipamat collaborates with associations and federations that organize events for people with disabilities, providing wheelchairs that facilitate access to outdoor activities and locations previously inaccessible to handicapped individuals.
Q: What certifications do the Hippocampe Beach and All-Terrain wheelchairs hold?
A: These models are FDA cleared and ISO 13485 certified in Europe, meeting stringent medical device quality standards.
Q: What customization options are available for Vipamat's manual wheelchairs?
A: Vipamat offers numerous customization options, including adjustable headrests, backrests, armrests, and special sand wheels to improve functionality and comfort across various terrains.

Hippocampe Pool Wheelchair FAQs

Q: What are the benefits of using the Hippocampe pool wheelchair in aquatic environments?
A: The Hippocampe pool wheelchair provides access to both public and private pools and aquatic parks. It is constructed from stainless materials, allowing access to toilets and changing rooms and avoiding the need for multiple transfers, thus maintaining hygiene and ease of use.
Q: How does the Hippocampe pool wheelchair enhance the experience in private pools?
A: It prevents the deterioration common with regular wheelchairs in wet conditions and features a hydrophobic foam seat for easy cleaning and a rotative front wheel for stability, facilitating easy movement around the pool.
Q: Why is the Hippocampe pool wheelchair preferred in public aquatic facilities?
A: Favored by water parks and community pools like Europa-Park and Center Parcs, it addresses hygiene concerns effectively and is designed to safely and comfortably facilitate pool access, promoting inclusivity in public recreational spaces.

Vipamat All Terrain Wheelchairs

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