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Vacuactivus InfraStar Exercise Bike with Infrared Heating

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Vacuactivus Infrastar Infrared Vacuum Bike


Finding a comprehensive fitness solution that addresses fat reduction, body shaping, and rehabilitation can be challenging. Traditional exercise equipment often focuses on one aspect, leaving users to piece together various therapies and devices for a holistic approach.

The Vacuactivus Infrastar Infrared Vacuum Bike introduces a revolutionary all-in-one fitness device that combines deep vacuum resistance, infrared heat, cryotherapy, pure oxygen breathing, collagen rejuvenation, and aromatherapy. This multifaceted approach ensures not only the most effective technology for fat reduction and body shaping but also offers therapeutic benefits for rehabilitation.

With the Infrastar bike, you can enjoy a holistic fitness and wellness experience in a single session, making it an ideal solution for those looking to maximize their health and fitness outcomes efficiently.

Unique technologies inside

InfraStar Bike



Comprehensive Features for Enhanced Fitness and Well-being:


Rehabilitation and Recovery

✓ The Infrastar infrared vacuum bike combines infrared training with vacuum resistance, collagen, ozone, and color therapy for enhanced health.

Weight Loss

✓ Supports significant calorie burn (800-1000 kcal per 30-minute session) with infrared light technology.

General Well-Being

✓ Promotes the release of endorphins, offering relaxation and rejuvenation post-session.

User-Friendly Interface

✓ Features an updated menu with customizable settings, an application for device control and result tracking, and an option for pure oxygen intake during workouts.

Oxygen Therapy

✓ Delivers high-concentration oxygen for increased cellular energy, enhanced endurance, and quicker recovery.

Customization Options

✓ Available in various colors and models, from the basic "Super Simple" to the fully equipped "Grand" and "Cryonick" versions with additional features like virtual reality displays.

Real EMS Option

✓ Integrates EMS belts for targeted electrical muscle stimulation, enhancing muscle engagement and accelerating fitness results.


Infrastar Benefits


The Ingenious Technology of the Zero Gravity Vacuum Treadmill: The Infrastar utilizes a unique vacuum resistance mechanism, creating a negative pressure environment that effectively targets cellulite reduction and enhances blood and lymphatic circulation, particularly beneficial in sports rehabilitation.

Infrared Lights Cells Rejuvenation: By integrating infrared light therapy with vacuum resistance, the Infrastar intensifies cell metabolism, facilitating the regeneration of skin and muscle tissues while boosting the lymphatic system. The infrared lamps also promote increased sweating, aiding in the elimination of residual water and toxins.

Cryotherapy Recovery Exercises: The Infrastar's incorporation of Cryonick technology allows for a blend of hot and cold temperature exercises, offering unparalleled recovery benefits. This feature enables pedaling in cold temperatures, which helps to accelerate the healing process.

With the Infrastar bike, you gain access to the most effective technologies for not only improving physical appearance but also enhancing bodily recovery and overall well-being, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to maximize their health and fitness results.

Body Shaping and Detoxification: The Infrastar elevates the body shaping effects of exercise through its unique combination of fitness technologies, all housed within one capsule. This integration significantly enhances the effectiveness of weight loss exercises by promoting body shaping and aiding in detoxification, leading to more pronounced results.

Success of the Infrastar Features: At the core of its functionality, the Infrastar's vacuum technology gently loosens tissues and contracts blood vessels, enhancing oxygen and nutrient delivery to cells. This process not only increases performance and oxygen consumption but also amplifies calorie burning compared to traditional exercise bikes, making every workout session more effective.

Infrastar for Weight Loss

Infrastar for Weight Loss

The infared rays increase sweating, to speed up the metabolism. Cycling accelerates the lymphatic circulation which quickly delivers toxins through the excretory organs. The suction effect of the vacuum helps detoxify through the skin.

Who is the infrared bike recommended for?

The Infrastar is for individuals who want quick results in body shaping, cellulite reduction and quick cardio workouts. This bike is helpful for weight loss and those with a limited range of motion.

The Infrastar stands at the forefront of body sculpting technology, integrating advanced features such as cryotherapy, infrared technology, vacuum resistance, ozone and collagen lamps, and aromatherapy. Designed to sculpt the body, the Infrastar excels in fat burning, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, and detoxification. Its unique zero gravity design also makes it a valuable tool for rehabilitation, ensuring a comfortable workout that minimally impacts the spine.

Cryonick Technologia: A distinctive aspect of the Infrastar is its Cryonick Technologia, which integrates cryotherapy into your workout for enhanced recovery. The device can adjust internal temperatures from warm (+45°C/+110°F) to cold (-20°C/-4°F), providing the therapeutic benefits of cryotherapy, such as vasoconstriction. This process slows blood and lymphatic flow, helping to alleviate redness, swelling, and pain in affected areas while reducing muscle spasms and nerve activity for pain relief.

The strategic combination of cryotherapy with heat therapy in the Infrastar promotes increased circulation and nutrient delivery throughout the body, accelerating healing and providing pain relief. The carefully calibrated temperature ranges, developed by rehabilitation specialists, are optimized for physical fitness and recovery, making the Infrastar especially beneficial for those in rehabilitation or aiming for weight loss.

Functions of the Infrastar infared bike

vacuactivus.comum infrastar
InfraStar Vacuum

VACUUM RESISTANCE. The vacuum loading technology creates a negative resistance during exercise. This feature significantly increases blood and lymphatic circulation in the areas you wish to concentrate on the most. More blood with oxygen is delivered to the tissues to help fat cells transfer into energy.


infrared InfraStar bike
Infrared light on infrastar

INFARED LIGHTS. The increased temperature in the capsule allows the body to sweat more in order to remove toxins from the pores of the skin and remove water to help weight loss.

InfraStar bike collagen
InfraStar collagen

COLLAGEN LIGHTS. Red light therapy is well-known in skincare technologies for anti-aging and improving skin conditions. The red light stimulates the natural collagen production in the skin.

InfraStar bike ozonetherapy
InfraStar Ozone

OZONE THERAPY. The ozone generator refills the skin with O3, I proves skin conditions and stimulates the immune system to concentrate on the O3 in the body.

infrastar aroma therapy
aroma infrastar

AROMATHERAPY. During your exercise session, aromatherapy fills the skin with special aromatherapy oils to remove bacteria and provide an anti-aging and rejuvenation treatment.

Technical Specifications Technical Specification Value
Height 1200mm / 47"
Width 1180mm / 46"
Length 2460mm / 97"
Power supply 230V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz
Power consumption 2kW
Cryonick blowing temperature -20-30°C / -4-22°F
Infrared heating temperature +20-50°C / +68-122°F
Electromagnetic resistance Negative vacuum resistance pump: 0-30mBar
Touch screen 10.1" virtual reality
Options aromatherapy, collagen lamp, speakers

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