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Cryotherapy Treatments and Mobility Benefits: Discover the Chill of Healing - Mobility Plus Direct

Cryotherapy Treatments and Mobility Benefits: Discover the Chill of Healing

Therapy has always been considered effective in healing, whether it is therapy for the mind, body or spirituality, and the industry is evolving at an exponential pace, especially in recent years, so we at Mobility Plus Direct wanted to explore this a little further.

This piece will focus on the regenerating properties of Cryotherapy, and how the use of a Cryotherapy Chamber can be used to support skin regeneration and youthfulness, oxygenate the cells and provide holistic benefits for overall healing. Post Coronavirus pandemic saw an increase in popularity towards Cryo treatments as a natural immune system booster that should help protect against viruses, which is why we wanted to test one of the better products available on the market.

So What is Cryotherapy? Well, in a nutshell, Cryotherapy is the process in which benefits are achieved through exposing the body to extremely low temperatures. Whole-body cryotherapy is a therapy known for its wellness benefits properties obtained through exposure to ultra-low temperatures. These temperatures stimulate the receptors in the skin, activating the reaction to release endorphins, produced by the human body (natural pain inhibitors and improves mood for wellness purposes). 

Given the number of products and manufacturers, we decided to partner with VACUACTIVUS to review their Cryostar Cryotherapy Chamber. Having been in the business for over 23 years, Vacuactivus is considered a world leading manufacturer of innovative cryotherapy equipment, thus we agreed we would be in safe hands!  🙂

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Key points of our experience:

  • Impressive technology - CryoStar has a modern futuristic design with an ergonomic exterior and a functional interior, which made me feel like I was joining the Star Fleet in a futuristic device. Initially I was concerned about putting my body in -100C temperatures, but I have regularly used a cold plunge pool, or ice bath, so I quickly got over the concern and stepped inside.

  • During the session, it was great to have a VDI monitor that was showing my body changes in real time and helped in my determination to complete the full 3 minutes (I lasted two, which I think is a good start 😀 )

  • Post session, my muscles felt incredibly light, and I had lots of energy, with a clear mind. The cold can definitely be felt during the recommended time of 1-3 minutes. It is important to keep within these time guidelines, or as advised by a health professional, as the goal is not to get hypothermia, but rather expose the body to ultra-low temperatures to stimulate a natural response and this technology and design definitely enabled that to be achieved. 

  • Pricewise, Cryo chambers in the market are not cheap, and whilst there may be cheaper options, with something like this, the right balance between price and quality needs to be found, which the Cryostar has achieved. Other cryo chamber manufacturers may have introduced additional thermal cameras, wi-fi and indirect nitrogen spray in the middle of the cryosauna to bring their dated technology up a grade, but this makes their products excessively expensive, whereas the advanced technology in the Cryo Chamber has enabled it to be provided at a respectable price, which is a key factor for prospective Cryotherapy Chamber purchasers.

Key aspects noted of the technology include:

  • Indirect nitrogen spray technology using platinum injection nozzles in the center of the cryo chamber, helps reduce nitrogen consumption to 3-5 liters per session. These nozzles also prevent injuries due to hypothermia or from direct nitrogen input liquid in the cryosauna. This innovative technology helps to achieve uniform nitrogen distribution within the chamber and low temperature retention for all parts of the body.
  • The Automatic door opening by remote control or button mounted on the door provided us with additional comfort and is a unique attribute to the cryotherapy chamber
  • The touchscreen, with automated programs built in, as well as the Thermal Vision Camera and Mounted Oxygen Level Sensors was a real experience to see the live monitoring of the oxygen levels throughout the process.
  • The thermovision camera (thermal + lat. Vīsio «vision») is a device for monitoring the temperature distribution of the examined surface. The temperature distribution is displayed on the screen as a color image, where different temperatures correspond to different colours due to all bodies whose temperature exceeds the temperature of absolute zero emitting electromagnetic thermal radiation according to Planck’s law, thus the Thermovisor technology built into the cryotherapy chamber is very innovative, and works on this principal in allowing you to see how the body reacts to temperature and blood circulation with increased regeneration in areas of the body that are undergoing cryotherapy.
In summary, whilst still considered a relatively new therapy in comparison to more traditionally well known processes, Cryotherapy is here to stay with further benefits and studies being planned to demonstrates its healing and beneficial properties, and we at Mobility Plus Direct are pleased to have experienced our first experience of Cryotherapy through the premium model offered by the Cryostar Model.
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