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Explore Your Options for Enhanced Mobility and Independence

This week, we are exploring the different options available for mobility users in relation to Wheel Chairs and Mobility Scooters.

To begin, we at First Class Mobility know the importance of finding the right Mobility Device and how this is paramount to regaining independence and navigating daily life with ease.The wheelchair sector is evolving, offering an array of options tailored to meet diverse needs, including essential accessories like Wheelchair Cushions. This guide explores the spectrum of mobility aids, from Electric and Manual Wheelchairs to Mobility Scooters, catering to all budgets and highlighting their key features and benefits

Manual Wheelchairs: Standard manual wheelchairs are the most common type, sometimes referred to as Chairs with Wheels, they typically feature a simple design with two large rear wheels and two smaller front casters. 

The chair is typically propelled forwards by the user or a caregiver pushing the handles.

Whilst a typical manual wheelchair has a simple design, many chairs come with variations and more advanced designs. E.g. Transport wheelchairs, which are lightweight and designed for easy transport. They are often narrower and have smaller wheels, making them ideal for travel and navigating tight spaces, or the Sports Wheelchairs, which are  specifically designed for athletic activities. They are lightweight, manoeuvrable, and have features tailored to different sports, such as basketball, tennis, or racing. These chairs allow users to engage in recreational and competitive sports.

Budget wise, manual wheelchairs are generally cheaper wheelchairs compared to electric powered chairs.

Power Chairs (Electric Wheelchairs): Power chairs, or electric wheelchairs, are motorized and provide powered mobility for individuals with limited strength or stamina. They typically come with a variety of features, including joystick controls, adjustable seating, and customizable driving modes. Power chairs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, offering a high level of independence.

These chairs will typically be powered via a lithium battery, with some containing two, and are traditionally heavier in weight, albeit, designs can vary to achieve a lightweight, or folding design option

Power Chairs prices come in as wide a spectrum as the features available for a purchase wheelchair.


Mobility Scooters: While not traditional wheelchairs, mobility scooters are worth mentioning as they serve a similar purpose. These scooters are electrically powered and designed for individuals who can walk short distances but require assistance for extended travel. Mobility scooters are available in various styles, including travel scooters, enclosed, foldable, light-weight or heavy-duty models, which may be beneficial for bariatric users and can have a three wheel or four wheel design. These scooters are often designed to enable easier travel, including flight travel.

Custom Wheelchairs: Custom wheelchairs are tailored to an individual's specific needs and body measurements. These may include custom seating systems, adjustable components, and specialized features to accommodate unique mobility challenges or Bariatric users. These chairs are often prescribed by healthcare professionals and provide optimal comfort and functionality.

Standing Wheelchairs: Standing wheelchairs allow users to transition from a seated to a standing position. This not only promotes better health by reducing the risk of pressure sores but also enhances social interaction and accessibility for people with disabilities. Standing wheelchairs are available in both manual and power options.

In conclusion, whilst the market is constantly evolving and new technologies and functionalities are continuously being offered on the market, the basic principles around wheelchairs focuses around the five categories listed above.

As always, we hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful, you can start exploring our diverse range of mobility products  and please let us know if there is ever a topic that you would like covered, or if we can support with any questions, or enabling you to find the right mobility aide for you or a loved one.

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