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Proactive Medical Protekt Aire 9900 Pressure Relief Mattress

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Protekt Aire 9900 system (includes mattress, cover, and pump)

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Protekt Aire 9900  Low Air Loss Alternating Mattress System 

The Protekt Aire 9900 is a clinically proven low air loss alternating pressure mattress system designed to be a powerful tool in preventing and managing pressure ulcers.  From Stage I to Stage IV, this advanced system provides effective pressure redistribution, promoting healthy circulation and reducing the risk of skin breakdown.

Protekt Aire 9900 True Low Air Loss Mattress System with Alternating Pressure and Pulsation

Sleep Sounder and Experience Relief with Advanced Pressure Management

The Protekt Aire 9900 takes pressure relief to a whole new level. Its powerful air system (delivering 1275 liters per minute) continuously promotes healthy circulation and comfort. Here's how this advanced technology benefits you:

  • Reduced Pressure Ulcer Risk: By constantly shifting pressure points, the low air loss and alternating pressure settings minimize the risk of skin breakdown.
  • Personalized Comfort: The micro-controller technology fine-tunes pressure based on your weight, ensuring optimal comfort throughout the night.
  • Easy Monitoring and Adjustments: The user-friendly control panel allows for simple monitoring and adjustments to find your perfect pressure setting.
Pro Active Medical Protekt Aire 9900

Uninterrupted Comfort and Complete Peace of Mind: Protekt Aire 9900 Delivers

The Protekt Aire 9900 takes safety and comfort to the next level.  Its innovative design prevents uncomfortable bottoming out during power outages.  An automatic fowler feature increases airflow by 20% when sitting upright, promoting better positioning and circulation.  Multi-level alarms keep caregivers informed of any issues, while an internal memory retains settings even during power interruptions.  A lock-out key prevents tampering with patient settings, and the quilted nylon top cover is fluid-resistant, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial for a clean sleep experience.  Optional air bolsters can be added for further fall prevention.


Optional Add Ons for the Proteckt AIre 9900

Air Side Bolsters 

Experience superior sleep security and comfort with the Protekt Aire 9900's innovative air side bolsters. These inflatable cushions gently prevent rollovers, promote proper body alignment, and cradle your form for pressure relief – all in one exceptional air mattress.

Raised Foam Side Rails 

Upgrade your Protekt Aire 9900 for enhanced safety with optional raised foam side rails. These solid bumpers provide a physical barrier to prevent falls and improve user confidence, making it the ideal choice for those at risk of rolling out of bed.

Key Features and Benefits

  • High Airflow: Delivers 1275 liters per minute of true low air loss.
  • Pressure Therapy: Provides effective low air loss with alternating pressure and pulsation.
  • Advanced Technology: Micro-controller monitors blower speed to maintain set pressures.
  • User-Friendly Controls: Dome keys and LED display show patient comfort pressure levels by weight.
  • Customizable Pressure Cycles: Alternating pressure cycles of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 minutes.
  • Safety Design: Cell-on-cell mattress prevents bottoming out during power failures.
  • Automatic Fowler: Increases airflow in middle bladders by 20% when the patient is upright.
  • Alarms and Memory: Audio/visual alarms for power outages or low pressures; retains settings during power loss.
  • Tamper-Proof: Lock-out key prevents unauthorized adjustments.
  • Comfortable Cover: Fluid-resistant, anti-microbial, and quilted nylon top cover.
  • Optional Air Bolsters: Available to prevent accidental roll-outs.
  • Sizes: Available in 42”, 48”, 54”, and 60” widths.
  • Weight Capacity: Supports up to 1,000 lbs.



Air Volume 1,200 Liters/Minute Cycle Time 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 minutes
Mattress size (L × W × H) 80″ × 36″ × 8″ Pressure range 4 – 38 mmHg

Specific Model Properties (customise your options when adding to cart)


Item #

Description Size
81090-36 Protekt Aire 9900 System - 36" 36” x 80” x 8”
81090-36RR Protekt Aire 9900 System w/Foam Raised Rails - 36" 36” x 80” x 8”/11”
81090-36AB Protekt Aire 9900 System w/Side Air Bolsters - 36" 36” x 80” x 8”/11”
81090-84 Protekt Aire 9900 System - 84" 36” x 84” x 8”
81090-42 Protekt Aire 9900 System - 42" 42” x 80” x 8”
81090-42RR Protekt Aire 9900 System w/Foam Raised Rails - 42” 42” x 80” x 8”/11”
81090-42AB Protekt Aire 9900 System w/Side Air Bolsters - 42” 42” x 80” x 8”/11”
81090-48 Protekt Aire 9900 System - 48" 48” x 80” x 8”
81090-48RR Protekt Aire 9900 System w/Foam Raised Rails - 48” 48” x 80” x 8”/11”
81090-48AB Protekt Aire 9900 System w/Side Air Bolsters - 48” 48” x 80” x 8”/11”
81090-54 Protekt Aire 9900 System - 54" 54” x 80” x 8”
81090-54RR Protekt Aire 9900 System w/Foam Raised Rails - 54” 54” x 80” x 8”/11”
81090-54AB Protekt Aire 9900 System w/Side Air Bolsters - 54” 54” x 80” x 8”/11”
81090-60 Protekt Aire 9900 System - 60" 60” x 80” x 8”
81090-60RR Protekt Aire 9900 System w/Foam Raised Rails - 60” 60” x 80” x 8”/11”
81090-60AB Protekt Aire 9900 System w/Side Air Bolsters - 60” 60” x 80” x 8”/11”
Specific Mattress Sizes Available
81092 Protekt Aire 9900 - Mattress Only - 36" 36” x 80” x 8”
81092-42 Protekt Aire 9900 - Mattress Only - 42" 42” x 80” x 8”
81092-48 Protekt Aire 9900 - Mattress Only - 48" 48” x 80” x 8”
81092-54 Protekt Aire 9900 - Mattress Only - 54" 54” x 80” x 8”
81092-60 Protekt Aire 9900 - Mattress Only - 60" 60” x 80” x 8”


Protekt Aire 9900 Mattress System FAQ

What is the primary purpose of the Protekt Aire 9900 Mattress System?
The Protekt Aire 9900 Mattress System is designed for the prevention, treatment, and management of pressure ulcers. It combines true low air loss with alternating pressure and pulsation to provide optimal patient care and comfort.
How does the alternating pressure function work?
The alternating pressure function cycles between different pressure levels at intervals of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 minutes. This helps in redistributing pressure and reducing the risk of skin breakdown.
What are the dimensions of the Protekt Aire 9900 Mattress System?
The standard dimensions are 36” x 80” x 8”. It is also available in widths of 42”, 48”, 54”, and 60”.
What is the weight capacity of this mattress system?
The Protekt Aire 9900 has a weight capacity of up to 1,000 lbs, making it suitable for a wide range of patients, including bariatric patients.
How does the automatic fowler mode function?
The automatic fowler mode recognizes when the patient is in an upright position and increases air flow in the middle bladders by 20% to prevent bottoming out, ensuring the patient’s comfort and safety.
What safety features does the Protekt Aire 9900 offer?
The mattress system includes several safety features such as audio/visual alarms for power outages or low pressure, a cell-on-cell design to prevent bottoming out, and a lockout key to prevent tampering with patient settings.
Is the mattress cover fluid-resistant and easy to clean?
Yes, the nylon top cover is fluid-resistant, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial. It is also quilted for added comfort and can be easily cleaned to maintain hygiene.
What optional features are available with this mattress system?
Optional features include air bolsters to mitigate accidental rollouts and raised side rails for additional safety. These options are available in all mattress widths.
How does the Protekt Aire 9900 maintain settings during a power outage?
The internal memory of the Protekt Aire 9900 retains current settings during a power outage, ensuring that the system resumes its desired operation once power is restored.
What is the warranty period for the Protekt Aire 9900?
The Protekt Aire 9900 comes with a 2-year non-prorated warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of its durability and reliability.


Here's why the Protekt Aire 9900 is your perfect sleep partner:

  • Advanced Pressure Management: Multi-zone therapy, continuous low air loss, and alternating pressure technology work in harmony to ensure pressure is never concentrated on one area for too long. This can significantly reduce the risk of pressure ulcer development.
  • Unparalleled Comfort: The quiet and comfortable design allows for a restful night's sleep, even for those with sensitive skin.
  • Peace of Mind: Available in widths from 36" to 60" and supporting up to 1000 lbs, the Protekt Aire 9900 offers a safe and secure sleep experience for all body types.

Invest in a more comfortable and pressure-relieving sleep. Order your Protekt Aire 9900 today!

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